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The Vinton County Democratic Party

Count down to - November 2020

"We the People..."


Mrs Strickland visits Vinton County

We will be hosting a Chinese Auction fund raising event on Saturday, May 6, 2017. This event will be held at the McArthur Community Center starting at noon. We hope to see you there! Thanks for voting and supporting our local candidates. The Democratic Candidates work very hard to represent and better improve the lives of all Vinton County residents.

Several precincts in Vinton County have open positions for Committee Person. If you want more information concerning this then contact Nick Rupert, Leetha Toops, or Barb Deal.

This is a difficult time for us but this article in the Washington Post might bring some solace, perspective, and direction for the coming days. Click on this link:Trump supporters will not like what happens next.

We are ecstatic to know that Hillary Clinton won the Popular Vote (she got the MOST votes) in this election, while Donald Trump won the Electoral Vote. In fact, Hillary received more votes than any Presidential candidate in history except for President Obama. The majority of those who voted chose Hillary Clinton but we must instead settle for SECOND BEST Donald Trump because of the Electoral College. Hillary received almost 3 MILLION more votes than did Donald Trump. To find out more Click on this link:Huffington Post - Final Popular Vote Shows Hillary Clinton won by almost 3 Million Votes

Why should, and why are Americans settling for second best? Donald Trump only received 24% of the votes. Fifty percent of people who where eligible to vote in this presidential election did not. The electoral vote only takes place at the Presidential level and no where else in our republic, and as a matter of fact no where else in the world. Donald Trump only represents 24% of those who were eligible to vote this election which, we suppose, makes him the Minority President. What can we do? The Electoral Vote needs to be eliminated and we can do this. Be sure to read more about what WE CAN Do by clicking on this link: Remove the Electoral College

GOOD NEWS! A Bill is being introduced to Eliminate the Electoral College. Click here to find out more: Remove the Electoral College

Our tasks for 2017? As the First Lady Michelle Obama so eloquently stated, "When they go low, we will go High." What can we do in 2017 that will make the world a better place? As blogger Lorraine Devon Wilke has stated in her blog post "Our Task in 2017: Be better Americans than our incoming President." To find out more on how NOT to be like Donald Trump Click Here.

We cannot remain passive while a GREAT travesty happens to our GREAT country. We must remain persistent and continuously inform our Representative and Senator that they work for us and that they represent us! But we must continuously inform them of our positions on the issues.

The Ohio Representative for Vinton County is Steve Stivers (unfortunately a Republican). Call Mr. Stivers at 202-224-3121 or try 202-225-2015. These numbers are for his DC Office. Couldn't find an e-mail address for Stivers. Guess he really doesn't want to hear from his Employer/Boss (us in other words). But hey, all the more reason to contact him right! Tell him he needs to make his e-mail address public! To go to Steve Stivers web site Click Here

The Senator representing Vinton County is Senator Sherrod Brown. Call Mr. Brown at 202-224-2315. This is the number for the DC office. Mr. Browns e-mail address is Senator_Brown@brown.senate.gov. To go to Sherrod Browns web site Click Here )

Call these numbers EVERY DAY! Call them after you've had your morning coffee. Call them on your lunch hour. Call them when you are bored and want to spice things up. Call them when there is an advertisement during your favorite show. Call them every single day and let your voice be heard!

Here is a laundry list to get the conversation started:

1. Insist that they not confirm or support Trump appointees. To send an e-mail to Congress to reject Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary Click Here.

2. Insist that they support measures to protect against the effects of global warming. According to the World Health Organization "Between 2030 - 2050, climate change is projected to cause about 250,000 deaths per year from heat stress, malnutrition, and the spread of infectious diseases like malaria." To find out more Click Here.Climate denial is immoral and un-American. Politicians who don't acknowledge or value science and expertise risk making decisions not based on facts or reality and will cause long term harm to our environment and to future generations not only in the U.S. but around the world. These deniers must be held accountable.

3. Remind them that Science is real, facts are facts, and we don't legislate law based upon some ones PERCEPTION of reality or ALTERNATIVE FACTS.

4. Insist that they support Women's Rights, Women's Health, Human Rights and Civil Rights.

5. All religions are equal and there should not be any legislation that discriminates against ANY religion or faith.

6.) STOP THE WAR ON WOMEN! Insist that they support equal pay for women and that woman have fundamental rights under the constitution. It is NOT OK for anyone to assault a women.

7.) Insist that they oppose legislation which removes, changes, or decreases benefits from the Affordable Care Act, Social Security, and Medicare.

This is a list to get you started. NEED MORE INSPIRATION? From the Huffington Post - Do These 10 Things and Trump will be Toast Click on this link


Some local Vinton County residents participated in the Women's March that was held around the world to protest the election of President Trump, his surrogates, and his agenda. Millions participated world wide. These supporters participated in the march that was held in Chillicothe on January 21.

Vinton County Womens March

Vinton County Womens March

Vinton County Womens March

Diane Feinstein objectively justifies that Jeff Sessions should not be Attorney General.

If you want to make a difference then please join us! We meet on the 4th Monday of every month. Our meeting location is the McArthur Community Building, 31935 State Route 93, McArthur, Ohio. Join us! We look forward to your contribution!

Please be sure to check back with us often as we update our site with upcoming events, news and items of interest.

We want to thank everyone for their hard work, commitment and contributions. You are the Difference!  We are small - but we are mighty!

For more information about these upcoming events please contact Nick or Dinah Rupert - 740-590-3630, Leetha Toops - 740-418-8447, or Barb Deal at 740-596-4681.

Vinton County Rocks!   Vinton County Rocks

   The Vinton County Democratic Party Committee

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If you want to make a difference then please join us! We meet on the 4th Monday of every month. Our meeting location is the McArthur Community Building, 31935 State Route 93, McArthur, Ohio. Join us! We look forward to your contribution. We look forward to seeing you!

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