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The Vinton County Democratic Party

Count down to Election day November 8, 2016

25 Reasons why Obama Won and We All Win!

"We the People..."


Mrs Strickland visits Vinton County

        The McArthur Business & Professional Women will be hosting the annual Meet the Candidates Night on Wednesday, September 28th, 2016 at the Vinton County Community Building at 7:00 pm.

SPEECHES: Each Local Candidate will be given three (3) minutes to speak and tell why they are deserving of your vote.

The following candidates have been invited to attend:

Jeffrey L Simmons--Judge, Court of Common Pleas
Lisa A Gilliland--Clerk of Courts
Ronald M Sharrett--Engineer
Trecia Kimes-Brown--Prosecutor
Vicki Maxwell--Treasurer
Jerry Zinn--Commissioner (term 01-02-2017)-Incumbent
Mark D. Fout--(term 01-03-2017)
Michael M Bledsoe--(term 01-03-2017)-Incumbent
Carol Porter--(term 01-03-2017)
Margaret Knox--Recorder--Incumbent
Erin D. Yates--Recorder
Shawn Justice--Sheriff--Incumbent
Charles Boyer--Sheriff
Christina Kremer-Goodson--Coroner

QUESTION/ANSWER—-Answers not to exceed 90 seconds. *Questions must be written on index cards and submitted to the panelist. The Moderator will read questions for the candidates. The opposing candidate will be given the opportunity to give their response not to exceed 60 seconds.*

Candidates for Ohio Senate and Ohio House of Representative have been invited to attend, be introduced and have a table set up to meet with constituents. They are Senator Lou Gentile District 30 Incumbent; Frank Hoagland, Candidate-Senator District 30; Representative Ryan Smith-District 93 Incumbent; Jay Edwards Candidate Representative District 94; and Sarah Grace Candidate Representative District 94.

Light Refreshments will be provided.

During the evening, we will be having a Dessert Auction. We will be auctioning off homemade baked goods to the highest bidder. This will be a fundraiser for BPW with proceeds supporting our scholarship fund and Buckeye Girls State fund.

Please plan on attending this important opportunity to meet the local candidates and find out more about the local issues and how the candidates can better serve the residents of Vinton County. The BPW hopes to see you there!

Carol Porter Fundraiser

Supporters attending Carol Porters Fundraiser At Uncle Buck's Dance Barn.

         Candidate for Vinton County Commissioner Carol Porter thanks everyone for their time, commitment and contribution to her fundraising event held this past weekend. Its supporters like YOU that will help her win this November! Thank you!

         Sarah Grace's campaign for State Representative in the 94th District is hosting an Office Opening party on Wednesday, July 13th, and all are welcome! The event is Wed., July 13th from 5-6:30. The location is 19 W. Washington St. in uptown Athens, beside Donkey Coffee. Sarah and Rep. Jack Cera will be speaking. All are welcome.

        History has been made! For the first time in U.S. history a woman will be running for President! Hillary Clinton has secured the number of delegates necessary to secure the Democratic Presidential nomination! Always progressive and enterprising be sure to vote Democrat! Be on the RIGHT side of history!

   Thanks for voting for the democratic candidates in the Primary Election! Incumbent County Recorder Margaret Knox won the democratic nomination and will be running for the County Recorder office in the November General Election.

   Local Candidate Carol Porter is running in the General Election as a Candidate for Vinton County Commissioner.

   Ted Strickland won the democratic nomination for Ohio Senate. For more information about Mr. Strickland be sure to visit his web site by clicking here! Candidate for Ohio Senator Ted Strickland

   Valerie Gerlach won the democratic nomination for Candidate for Ohio Fourth District Court of Appeals.

   Sarah Grace won the democratic nomination for the House of Representatives - District 94.

    The General Election is this November 8, 2016. Please remember to vote. Your vote does make a DIFFERENCE!

    If you want to make a difference then please join us! We meet on the 4th Monday of every month. Our meeting location is the McArthur Community Building, 31935 State Route 93, McArthur, Ohio. Join us! We look forward to your contribution!

   Thanks for voting and supporting our local candidates and issues. Please be sure to check back with us often as we update our site with upcoming events, news and items of interest.

   We want to thank everyone for their hard work, commitment and contributions. You are the Difference!  We are small - but we are mighty!

   For more information about these upcoming events please contact Nick or Dinah Rupert - 740-590-3630, Leetha Toops - 740-418-8447, or Barb Deal at 740-596-4681.

   Vinton County Rocks!   Vinton County Rocks

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   The Vinton County Democratic Party Committee

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Wow! What a difference 8 years makes! Congratulations!

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Hillary's In!

Hillary 2016

Upcoming Events

If you want to make a difference then please join us! We meet on the 4th Monday of every month. Our meeting location is the McArthur Community Building, 31935 State Route 93, McArthur, Ohio. Join us! We look forward to your contribution. We look forward to seeing you!

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Candidate for Ohio Senator Ted Strickland

Sarah Grace - Candidate for Ohio Representative

Hillary Clinton for President

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